My name is Bernd, Im from Germany and live in a small town (or a village ?) called Raesfeld (more than 11.000 inhabitants and still growing strong).

The federal state Im living in is Northrhine-Westfalia and in this region male people dont wear any short trousers made of leather!!!

Such ridiculous clothing is worn by a funny tribe in Bavaria, far, far away from my hometown.

Im working in the civil service in the computercenter of a labor office. There are a lot of computers. But sitting in front of my own PC is the greater fun.

I like biking with my trekking-bike and long-distance running (10.000 m).
Raesfeld is an ideal place to ride on a bike or simply go for a walk and watch the beautiful scenery with its sights such as the

Castle Raesfeld color photo

count Alexander

The castle was built in the 17th century by
Alexander IInd of Velen (1599 - 1675), Count of the Holy Roman Empire. It is surrounded by a moat.

The place, however, is much more older. The first mentioning was in a document of the abbey in Werden (now part of the city of Essen, about 40 km south of Raesfeld) in 889.

The name in those times was HROTHUSFELD what means STUBBED FIELD.

In 1989 we celebrated a great 1100-year-anniversary.

So, if you ever come to Germany, you will see, that there are much more interesting places as people normally know,
just as in your country....

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